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Jun 30, 2017  

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Cow’s milk is the standard, found in supermarkets in varying guises, including one called A2 that comes from a special breed of cow. The actual composition of milk changes with nature, though your standard cow’s milk is made up of mostly water, some fat, 2.7 per cent casein (a protein also found in human milk), lactose (essentially milk sugar), and small amounts of whey protein. In Australia, it is law that all milk be pasteurised (heated) before it can be sold. This process kills off potentially harmful bacteria that can lead to foodborne diseases, and extends shelf-life. Sadly, this also alters the structure and taste of raw milk, while destroying some of its good bacteria. The standard practice for pasteurising is to heat the milk to 72°C for 15 seconds. This can also happen at a lower heat for slightly longer, which does preserve certain enzymes and bacteria that help with flavour, particularly in cheese making. Following pasteurisation, commercial milk is homogenised, whereby the milk is put through a centrifuge to break up the fat and evenly distribute it. Again, this extends the life of the milk, but, more importantly, on a commercial scale, allows producers to standardise the product, ensuring its consistency at any time of year. Commercialism has had a huge effect on farming, influencing how our food is produced and even what we eat. But when it comes to raw milk, the debate surrounding organic versus commercial practices is especially heated. A cow's diet has plenty to do with how her milk tastes.

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